The Enduring Evil - Descent, Rebalanced


The Enduring Evil is a modification of the board game Descent: Journeys in the Dark, published by Fantasy Flight Games.

It features improved player scaling, tougher monsters, 10 original quests and over 300 print-and-play cards.  It is designed to take advantage of components from the Well of Darkness, Altar of Despair, and Tomb of Ice expansions, but you can play the first quest with only the base game components and the new cards.


Download The Enduring Evil (Cards formatted for printing on Tabloid (11"x17"), other documents for Letter (8.5"x11"))
Alternate Download:  Letter Size
(All documents Letter size (8.5"x11"))
Alternate Download:  A4 Size
(All documents A4 size)
Second Release - October 3, 2009 (zipped pdfs, 7.3 MB) - Added missing definitions for Cold-Immune and Heat-Immune

First Release was September 19, 2009


Alternate Feat Cards
First Release - October 27, 2010 (zipped pdfs, 676 KB)

If you don't own the Tomb of Ice expansion, or if you'd like to try out different feats.  Contains 75 feat cards (25 in each category), all unique, for printing on either letter-sized or A4-sized paper.  These are intended to be less variable in power and less luck-dependent in their effects than the official feats.

These feats would also probably work fine in a vanilla Descent game.  Several of them involve new abilities introduced in The Enduring Evil, but you could either remove those cards, or use the abilities just for the feats.


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